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Pishkun A.C. stands as the pioneer in developing a proprietary parametric-based Course Rating System tailored explicitly for 3D Archery Courses. Our dynamic system serves as a comprehensive solution, generating and hosting dynamic Scorecards, Leaderboards, and a Course Registry.

Rooted in a mission to enhance archers’ situational awareness and ethical bowhunting practices, our system facilitates a quantifiable comparison of 3D archery courses. Through a meticulous survey process, we assign weighted values to twelve parameters, impacting archers under ordinary conditions. The resulting PAR for each target/lane, communicated through our innovative Dynamic Scorecard System, provides valuable insights into the course’s difficulty.

Our system transcends traditional scorecards, offering archers a holistic approach to archery by incorporating site-specific environmental challenges. The Average Bowhunter’s Effectiveness (A.B.E.) calculation and the PAR for the Course empower archers with crucial information.

Pishkun A.C. invites archery enthusiasts to participate in the course review process, contributing to the Course Registry and expanding our database. With a user-friendly Course Reviewer APP, the survey process is streamlined, ensuring swift turnaround for the creation of printable and/or paperless Dynamic Scorecards.

Join us in revolutionizing archery with a system designed to bring back situational awareness, ethical bowhunting, and a deeper understanding of individual strengths and weaknesses. Explore the possibilities with Pishkun A.C. as we embark on a mission to elevate the 3D archery experience.