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Pishkun A.C. has developed a proprietary Dynamic Scorecard System to efficiently relay a wide variety of course-specific information (collected during our course review process/survey) to Archers while they are on the course . Each scorecard is updated per course to reflect the results of the parametric course survey. Once a reviewer submits a course survey (while utilizing our proprietary APP) a course-specific scorecard can be generated in a matter of minutes.

*The example shown below (from the 2023 Mountain Archery Fest – Mountain Madness Series) illustrates our typical 8.5″x11″ Bi-Fold Spread Layout. This dynamic scorecard system allows for ample space to share event/course details as well as sponsorship/branding opportunities.

The Dynamic Scorecard System (developed by Pishkun A.C.) offers an array of information not typically found on traditional scorecards. Most importantly, our innovative system offers shooters the following information:

    • PAR for the Course
    • Lowest PAR (Most difficult target on the course)
    • Highest PAR (Least difficult target on the course)
    • TOTAL – Course Length (miles)
    • TOTAL – Course Elevation Change (feet)

NOTE – The Pishkun A.C. 3D Archery Course PAR system is not intended to be predictive of a specific individual’s actual score. The parametric-based system is used to calculate the score an average HUNTER DIVISION archer would be expected to achieve under ordinary weather conditions while taking into consideration twelve common parameters associated with both environmental constraints and mental management.