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Each time that a course is reviewed it will be added to the Pishkun A.C. registry. This allows archers a chance to understand how the course they shot ranks against other Lifestyle, Club, or Pro-Shop Courses. This is intended to both promote a better understand of the level of difficulty they have experienced (compared to other course) and a “menu” of courses/events that they might want to shoot next. This may come in the form of looking for other course of similar difficulty OR efficiently tracking down more difficult courses to offer a greater challenge.

The list of Pishkun A.C. registered courses includes the following (listed in descending order from most to least difficult):

1Mountain Archery Fest – Purgatory06/05/2023Durango, COExtreme Course51%
2Mountain Archery Fest – Eagle Point06/21/2023Beaver, UTExtreme Course53%
3Mountain Archery Fest – Blacktail Mountain07/17/2023Lakeside, MTExtreme Course54%
4Mountain Archery Fest – Soldier Hollow05/22/2023Midway, UTExtreme Course54%
5Mountain Archery Fest – Camp Freedom05/06/2023Scranton, PAExtreme Course55%
6Mountain Archery Fest – Antelope Butte Mtn.07/02/2023Shell, WYExtreme Course56%
7Mountain Archery Fest – McCully Heritage Proj.05/16/2024Kampsville, ILExotics Course61%
8Mountain Archery Fest – Kingston Downs04/20/2023Rome, GAExtreme Course61%
9Mountain Archery Fest – Blacktail Mountain07/19/2023Lakeside, MTWestern Course64%
10Mountain Archery Fest – Kingston Downs04/18/2024Rome, GAExtreme Course65%
11Mountain Archery Fest – Antelope Butte Mtn.07/01/2023Shell, WYWestern Course65%
12Mountain Archery Fest – Purgatory06/06/2023Durango, COWestern Course65%
13Mountain Archery Fest – Eagle Point06/20/2023Beaver, UTWestern Course66%
14Mountain Archery Fest – Antelope Butte Mtn.07/03/2023Shell, WYExotics Course67%
15Mountain Archery Fest – McCully Heritage Proj.05/16/2024Kampsville, ILWestern Course68%
16Mountain Archery Fest – Blacktail Mountain07/18/2023Lakeside, MTExotics Course68%
17Mountain Archery Fest – Soldier Hollow05/24/2023Midway, UTWestern Course68%
18Mountain Archery Fest – Mammoth Valley Park04/13/2024Cave City, KYWestern Course70%
19Mountain Archery Fest – Kingston Downs04/20/2023Rome, GAExotics Course70%
20Mountain Archery Fest – Kingston Downs04/21/2023Rome, GAAdaptive Course72%
21Mountain Archery Fest – Kingston Downs04/18/2024Rome, GAFantasy (Adaptive) Course73%
22Mountain Archery Fest – Purgatory06/08/2023Durango, COWorld Record Course74%
23Mountain Archery Fest – Antelope Butte Mtn.07/06/2023Shell, WYWorld Record Course75%
24Mountain Archery Fest – Camp Freedom05/03/2023Scranton, PAExotics Course75%
25Mountain Archery Fest – Camp Freedom04/29/2024Scranton, PAFantasy (Adaptive) Course76%
26Mountain Archery Fest – Purgatory06/07/2023Durango, COExotics Course76%
27Mountain Archery Fest – Kingston Downs04/19/2024Rome, GAWestern Course77%
28Mountain Archery Fest – Eagle Point06/19/2023Beaver, UTExotics Course77%
29Mountain Archery Fest – Camp Freedom05/02/2024Scranton, PAWestern Course78%
30Mountain Archery Fest – Eagle Point06/22/2023Beaver, UTWorld Record Course79%
31Mountain Archery Fest – Kingston Downs04/18/2024Rome, GAWorld Record Course81%
32Mountain Archery Fest – Blacktail Mountain07/22/2023Lakeside, MTAdaptive Course81%
33Mountain Archery Fest – Antelope Butte Mtn.07/07/2023Shell, WYAdaptive Course82%
34Mountain Archery Fest – Soldier Hollow05/22/2023Midway, UTAdaptive Course82%
35Mountain Archery Fest – Kingston Downs04/18/2024Rome, GAExotics Course83%
36Mountain Archery Fest – Blacktail Mountain07/20/2023Lakeside, MTWorld Record Course85%
37Mountain Archery Fest – Eagle Point06/22/2023Beaver, UTAdaptive Course85%
38Mountain Archery Fest – Camp Freedom05/02/2023Scranton, PAWorld Record Course85%
39Mountain Archery Fest – 2023 SCI Convention02/23/2023Nashville, TNWorld Record Course86%
A.B.E. = Average Bowhunter’s Effectiveness

Pishkun A.C. is actively working to review courses based on a multi-phase approach. Do you have a course you would like registered? Would you like to volunteer as a course reviewer? Please send us an email at [email protected].

  • Phase ONE
    • Lifestyle/Destination Courses & Events (i.e. – MAF, NW Mountain Challenge, Hike To Hunt, Top Pin Archery, TAC, R100, etc…)
    • Lifestyle/Destination Tournaments
  • Phase TWO
    • Club Courses | Region-specific (adjacent to Lifestyle Events; i.e. – American Bowmen Club, Cameo Shooting Complex, etc…)
    • Club Courses | Nation-wide
  • Phase THREE
    • Pro-Shop Courses | Region-specific
    • Pro-Shop Courses | Nation-wide