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MISSION STATEMENT: To assist archers in expanding their shot process to factor in the effects of a wide range of conditions and promote a greater sense of situational awareness. More importantly, we aim to empower archers with the ability to zero in on “real-world” conditions that may be detrimental to making a clean shot. It is our opinion that ongoing self-evaluation is necessary for a bowhunter to reliably exhibit ethical behavior when trying to make the crucial split-second decision on whether to take a difficult shot.

Ethical behavior is doing the right thing when no one else is watching
– even when doing the wrong thing is legal.”

Aldo Leopold

Pishkun A.C. has developed a Dynamic & Parametric-based system (adapted to serve 3D archery) to generate course-specific pars, handicaps, and overall course ratings; rooted in methods used to create traditional golf scorecards.

TRADITIONAL PAR – The score that a proficient golfer would be expected to make under ordinary weather conditions solely based on distance; excluding other environmental factors. Traditional Par is primarily determined by calculating the regulation number of strokes to reach the green plus two putts. *This emphasis on distance is similar to how many archers merely judge a target’s level of difficulty based on yardage alone.

COURSE RATING – The average score that a proficient golfer would be expected to make under ordinary weather conditions taking into consideration multiple environmental factors including (but not limited to): length/width of the fairway, size/shape of bunkers, size /contours of greens, distance to hazards and/or out of bounds, etc. *The impetus for our proprietary Dynamic Scorecard System.

HANDICAP – The line on a scorecard that rates the individual holes (i.e. – lanes/targets). *Our adapted version allows the Archer to better understand how each target/lane ranks in difficulty within a course.

The DYNAMIC & PARAMETRIC-BASED SYSTEM created by Pishkun A.C. assigns weighted values to the twelve parameters (commonly found on 3D Archery Courses) we identified as typically having the greatest impact on an average HUNTER DIVISION archer under ordinary weather conditions. As a reviewer surveys a course they determine how each target/lane is impacted by the twelve parameters on a shot-by-shot basis. These weighted values are then subtracted from the maximum “12-ring” score for each target/lane. The resultant values generate the PAR for each target/lane. Once a course is surveyed and all PAR values are determined it is possible to generate two key indicators. These are communicated on our Dynamic Scorecard System as both the Par for the Course and our innovative Average Bowhunter’s Effectiveness (A.B.E.) calculation.

*The A.B.E. allows the Archer to better understand how a course ranks in difficulty within a multi-course location-specific event, a multi-event tournament , and/or within the list of courses currently documented by the Pishkun A.C. Course Registry.

The byproduct of surveying a course and determining PAR for each target/lane is the DYNAMIC SCORECARD SYSTEM (developed by Pishkun A.C.). This new scorecard system affords Archers the opportunity to take an array of information (not typically found on traditional scorecards) into the field for instant reference.

Is this the Golf-ication of Archery?

NO – To the contrary, Pishkun A.C. is working to bring a more complete sense of situational awareness back into ethical bowhunting/archery. Too often, archery is taught and practiced utilizing a twenty-yard conditioned range void of the myriad of mental and environmental challenges found in the field. Although perfect world conditions can focus on creating a solid shot process we are working to develop a more holistic approach.

WHY? Is there an advantage to having a PAR system for 3D Archery?

YES Pishkun A.C. system gives Archers two primary advantages over traditional scorecards.

  1. It offers a quantifiable comparison between various targets, courses, and events. Now the level of difficulty and details of a target lane and/or course can be describe with more than a simple written narrative.
  2. Expands an Archer’s shot process to include a greater level of situational awareness based on a defined list of parameters. This in turn allows Archers the opportunity to readily identify the strengths and weaknesses within their overall skillset.
Can I have a scorecard generated for my favorite course?

YESPishkun A.C. is actively working to review courses based on a multi-phase approach.

Do you have a course you would like registered? Please send us an email at [email protected].

Does it take a significant amount of time to review a course and generate the resultant Dynamic Scorecard System?

NOPishkun A.C. has developed a proprietary Course Reviewer APP for a reviewer to utilize while walking a course. In short, we have found reviewers can collect the survey data at the same pace as a shooter group would typically make their way through a course. Once the completed survey is submitted through the APP we can typically generate a printable file (for distribution via email) by the end of day. Our ultra-efficient process is ideal for Lifestyle Course/Event organizers who often have less than 36-hours between finalizing the course layout and the first Nock Times.

Would you like to volunteer as a course reviewer? Please send us an email at [email protected].

*NOTE – We do not recommend that a shooter attempt to review a course simultaneously (this could quickly cause delays and/or lead to missed information).

Are there any restrictions to what type of 3D courses can be reviewed/rated?

NO Pishkun A.C. can be used to review any 3D course regardless of the number of targets. To create an even rating system we base our Par system off of standard I.B.O. scoring (excluding the “14-ring”).

Does Pishkun A.C. offer printing services?

NOPishkun A.C. does not currently offer in-house printing services at this time. We currently prepare and transmit hi-res digital PDFs for organizations to take to their preferred printing service.