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The Six Shooter Scorecard System: Please use the following form-based scorecard system to track and submit scorecards for up to six individual archers.

The following slideshow outlines the M.A.F. rules, scoring/shooting rules, division descriptions, and shooting position marker descriptions. Most importantly, the slideshow includes digital copies of our proprietary Course Rating System to efficiently relay a wide variety of course-specific information (including PAR, Handicap Rating, and the overall Course Rating Summary Data). We recommend you scroll to the Course Rating System specific to the course you are currently shooting to help augment your overall experience.

Attention Users – Don’t forget to hit the “SUBMIT SCORECARD” button at the bottom of the form to automatically send a copy of the scorecard to be part of the 2024 (MAF) Mountain Archery Fest – Mountain Madness LEADERBOARD. Most importantly, due to limited Internet Service it is recommended that users utilize the “Save as Draft” button found at the bottom of the form (directly right of the “SUBMIT SCORECARD” button) to save intermittent copies of the scorecard while on the course.

Thank you, Enjoy the Course, Shoot Straight, and LOOSE BETTER!

PLEASE NOTE – Your submitted results will be added to the 2024 (MAF) Mountain Archery Fest – Mountain Madness LEADERBOARD as soon as possible. Check back often to see how your scores compare with the rest of the field.